Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sugar Skull Girl

It's getting close to that spooky time of year again! So I decided to paint my face like a Mexican Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull. Just for fun really since Halloween is for dressing up. I don't know if this may inspire you or anything, but day of the dead skulls definitely inspire me a lot, they are melancholy yet beautiful at the same time.

Also last night I went to my friends house for an early Halloween party and dressed as a doll.

Pumpkin I carved in work which eventually went on fire!

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Wow you look incredible! Might have to copy for Halloween!
    Love your blog, now following!
    Jess xo

    1. Thanks for your comment, you should try it for halloween, I was going for a pin up style.
      check out my Facebook page if you want, I have loads of sugar skull drawings and paintings on there you might like.
      Also following :) xx

  2. cool makeup :)