Thursday, 18 April 2013

An Illustration Project

An Illustration Project - Design a single page and double page spread for a magazine based on a play.

I chose A Mid-Summer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. I'm not keen on Shakespeare, but we had to chose from the suggestions given. This play was not on the list but since we could do any Shakespeare play I chose this one. I had never read it before. It is a comedy about a mischievous fairy, an angry king, a beautiful fairy queen and some other youngsters that get caught up in a love triangle. The play is a comedy and has magic and fairies in it. The themes are magic, love and dreams. I decided to give it a modern take and illustrate it in a fashion magazine style. I used inks, water-colour, pen and graphite. 

 This is my single page spread finished artwork. I decided to have Puck - the mischievous fairy in the silhouette of a moon because the moon is mentioned a lot in the play, which highlights the theme of dreams. I gave him tattoos which relate to the story, to make it look more modern.

 This is the scanned artwork which I altered slightly on Adobe Illustrator.

 In my sketchbook - the development.

 Some sketches for Titania the fairy queen who gets tricked into falling in love with a man with a donkeys head.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my blog. The work featured here is for my graded unit at college.

Nicola x