Monday, 20 August 2012

A Few Words

Some recent sketches.

I am going back to college in a week and can't wait! I had my induction day last Wednesday and I got to meet everyone in my class, it was good to see some old faces. There was alot of new faces too! We got given our timetable, new sketchbook, a long list of materials to buy and an introductory brief. They want us to do some drawings from memory. I've done that before and it's actually really difficult. I bought a new moleskine sketchbook for the year. I have not been doing much drawing lately but I'm hoping I will feel more inspired when college starts! I have started a painting today, I am going to try and get a painting in to an exhibition in October, it would be so cool if I got a painting on display! I have a month til the deadline! My cat enjoys lounging in my bed when I'm not in it.