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Gothic Beauty Illustrations

This is what I have been working on recently on my current project at college. Design a deck of cards. It is mixed media and the theme is Gothic. 
 For this illustration I started with a pencil drawing on water-colour paper and I used plum and violet drawing ink for the background. I went over the pencil with black pen and ink. I added more ink later on for a darker look and glued on some lace for her top. I wanted this to be scary but beautiful so I added some skulls and roses.
 Mixed media - trying out prints in my sketchbook for my reverse card design. I wanted it to look like a window from the Notre Dame.   The same print on some hand-made paper. I created a dripping effect and filled in parts with ink. I also stuck on some lace.  The style I am going for but more patterned and more of a circle for my final.  Got one of these stamps with my initial to seal envelopes. I thought it would fit in my sketchbook, since I was inspired by the Victorian Gothic era.  An idea for the queen …

Recent Sketches and Gothic Project

I thought I would update my blog, since I have been silent for about a month. I have a new project at college, which is mixed media. I chose the theme gothic - past and present. We have to design a deck of cards, which includes the reverse side design, two face cards and the joker. I did some research and looked at lots of pictures of gothic culture and history. I looked at gothic architecture, music and how the gothic fashion has changed.

 Some Sketches.  George Square, Glasgow.  A mixed media piece I did on tea stained paper I used ink and added lace and little beads.  Got this cute little Vero Moda black prom dress the other day for a Christmas night out.  Been really into deep red nails atm! this one is from H&M  Been wanting to try this moisturizer for ages. It is very nice so far.  Got Magic Mike on dvd!

What I Wore & Instagraming Everything

I am not quite turning into one of these people that instagrams about literally everything from their morning tea to their dinner at night. But I do enjoy posting pictures a lot of random things that have been in my day and I enjoy looking at other peoples pictures. So who gives a damn its fun! and you can look back on them and think "oh I forgot I did that!" I am finished my current project in college, which was to design a book cover for 'The Big Sleep' by Raymond Chandler, but unfortunately it's not quite finished. I still have to finish it off on Photoshop, add logos and barcodes which I am not an expert at. Here is what my final drawing of the main character Philip Marlowe will look like on the front cover. I used pencil, gouache, and pens, size 0.1 0.4,0.7 & fine liner. I thought I'd try out a 'what I wore' post, since I love seeing what other people wear on their blogs, instagram etc and also some random things I have drawn/painted lately.

Busy life, shopping, illustration and blog plans

Been so busy with college work lately I haven't had time to update my blog. I have my deadline for 'The Big Sleep' book cover project next Monday, so once thats all finished I'll be sharing my sketches and final. Also did some shopping and got a few new bits of makeup and clothes! :-) I might try out an ootd post or 'what I wear in a week' type thing. Anyway here are some random instagram pictures I've taken lately. Ps looking for some new blogs to follow pref art and fashion. leave links to yours :-)

Halloween Zombie Doll and Comic Noir

After saying I was going to stay in last night I ended up in the Cathouse! I didn't feel like wearing my cheerleader costume again so I put on a little dress with a petticoat underneath, and did some 'zombie doll' type makeup. It was good fun I'm actually glad I went.

I'm planning on doing some comic noir style drawings for my current college project. I have to design a book cover for The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. We have been asked to come up with something original and give a new take on it, as it has been illustrated so many times already. I am still learning how to draw comic book style, these are some quick sketches of detective Philip Marlowe.

Here are some examples of comic noir style. I think this style would be fitting for the book cover because it is a more modern take and may appeal more to younger people. 

Happy Halloween! Subcrawl and Sugarskulls.

For halloween this year I dressed up as Claire Bennett from Heroes and did the Glasgow Sub crawl with my friends.  Getting into the spooky theme with sugar skull nails.  Sugar skull makeup I did on my friend Lesley. Worked out really cool considering I did it just after I'd woken up!

Some more instagram photos.

Random cups of tea and the full moon on Monday night.
My sketchbook with blood splatters which I later stuck pictures on. Lots of fun! I am spending actual halloween sitting at home infront of the tv.