Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bleach London Rant

After reading several tweets and blog posts about beach London and looking at pictures on their Twitter page, I have to say I was pretty excited for the brand to launch in Boots. Various bloggers were testing it out and raving about the products, so there was a small hype around them launching. I can honestly say, I have never regret using a semi permanent hair colour on my hair since I was fifteen! We all did it in our teens I'm sure, but when I bought Bleach London's semi-permanent hair colour in parma violets and tried it on my hair, I ended up with turquoise hair, which faded to green and no matter how many times I washed it, would not budge! I was extremely disappointed and quite upset as I had just had my hair dyed blonde the week before. I looked up pictures of people who had tried it before, turns out they had the same problem. Bleach London have apparently blamed Boots and withdrawn it from shelves. Whether this is true or not I am not 100% sure but I can be sure of this, if you want violet hair, I would not recommend buying Bleach London's parma violet hair dye. Not one bit! I got some advice from a girl on Instagram who had the same problem and she said Bleach London had advised her by email to put pink hair dye in to calm down the green and then it should fade back to normal. I have tried this and it seems to have faded the green quite well.

this was the same day I first put the dye in and I had washed it three times before I took the photo above. Not the slightest bit violet really.
Above pic I had washed it about eight times in two days, green still not faded. The flash doesn't make it look as bad.

After I put the pink hair dye in.

 Thankfully the green has faded, some traces remain but I'm hoping it will fade over time.

If you are a girl reading this, then surely you can understand my trauma. #sadface I hope I look back on this and laugh, just like I did on my high school years when my hair accidentally went green back then.


  1. your hair looks okay now so i hope it's all sorted for you :) if by any chance you kept hold of the bottle & receipt you can actually take it back to boots for a full refund even if you've used it. it's considered a recalled item because bleach have admitted error in the production. i got my 500 boots points back. small consolation for having stupid looking hair but may as well! i bought some vosene shampoo to help fade it quicker and seems to be working quite well. it only cost £2 so better than shelling out more money to bleach for their washing out liquid xx

    1. It looks a lot better in these pictures, definitely much better than the state it was! I'm sure I still have the receipt, it's worth a try! I've hear vosene is good, I'll give that a try, thanks :)