Thursday, 23 April 2015

Suzy Bishop

I love the film Moonrise Kingdom. I saw it for the first time recently and loved it. Directed by Wes Anderson, I very much enjoy the way his films look, they are so satisfying to watch with the attention to detail in every scene. Moonrise Kingdom is set on a fictional island called 'New Penzance'. It is a love story in which two out-casts run away aka Sam Shakowski and Suzy Bishop.

My sketch of Suzy with her binoculars, which she always carries with her. I sketched it out in pencil, then I drew it with a waterproof fineliner, then I obviously used watercolour paints.

My new little art space

I went to Ikea recently to get some furniture for my 'studio' which was basically a section of my spare room that had all of my art supplies and sketchbooks piled up against the wall. It now looks some what more like a little working space for me to draw, paint, listen to music, surf the web etc.

'Why do you always use binoculars?'  'It helps me see things closer. Even if they're not very far away. I pretend it's my magic power.'

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