Sunday, 11 January 2015

Goodbye 2014

So since I last posted on this blog I have got a new job, took a trip to London, had a graduation ceremony, took a trip to Stirling, had my first Christmas and new year in the flat, etc etc etc and its now 2015! Like everyone does in January, I have set myself goals for this year! I have big plans in store. One of the plans is to blog more of what I do because I think it's nice to look back at what you did and what you achieved. Re-live the memories in a way. The highlights of 2014 for me were moving in to a flat with my boyfriend, my class end of year illustration show at college, finding a new full-time job and my graduation ceremony. Those were the best days of the year by far.

At the end of November I spent a night in the Stirling Hotel courtesy of my work and it was lovely!

I wont deny I was feeling rather tender the morning after. A walk in the fresh air definitely helped.

Stirling Castle. 

The view from Stirling Castle of the Wallace Monument. Lovely place.

At the end of September I went to London for the Dolphins and Raiders game. We went to Harry Potter world as well, which was amazing. Well worth a visit.

On a boat

Graduation day.


Outside Privet Drive.

Many shots of the castle were of this huge model. I stood and looked at it for ages. 


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