Saturday, 16 August 2014

Impromptu Trip to Yorkshire

This week I decided to take a trip to Yorkshire. We booked a night in York and on the way decided to drive through the Yorkshire Dales area. We stopped by a small village and had a wander round, there was a craft fair and lot's of little quaint shops.

The British Summer

Wet is an understatement

A huge train

Owl outside the Yorkshire Museum

Driving through the countryside in torrential rain, in my 1l Yaris was not much fun.
The scenery was beautiful though, so much green. We set the sat-nav to take us to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Centre and took a stroll around the area. We went up to the river which a scene from Robin Hood was filmed (the one with Kevin Kostner). We took a walk to some waterfalls and got soaked because the rain was bucketing down.

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