Thursday, 15 November 2012

What I Wore & Instagraming Everything

I am not quite turning into one of these people that instagrams about literally everything from their morning tea to their dinner at night. But I do enjoy posting pictures a lot of random things that have been in my day and I enjoy looking at other peoples pictures. So who gives a damn its fun! and you can look back on them and think "oh I forgot I did that!"
I am finished my current project in college, which was to design a book cover for 'The Big Sleep' by Raymond Chandler, but unfortunately it's not quite finished. I still have to finish it off on Photoshop, add logos and barcodes which I am not an expert at. Here is what my final drawing of the main character Philip Marlowe will look like on the front cover. I used pencil, gouache, and pens, size 0.1 0.4,0.7 & fine liner.
I thought I'd try out a 'what I wore' post, since I love seeing what other people wear on their blogs, instagram etc and also some random things I have drawn/painted lately.

 Little quick painting of a half eaten strawberry.

 Cut out sleeve top with skulls - Topshop
 Playsuit black and white with bunnies - Primark - £5!!
 Cut out sleeves top and black skirt - H&M
 Before I dusted my mirror - Skull shorts, Purple Vest - New Look, Leopard Print cardi - H&M
 A huge Red Velvet Cupcake
 A drawing I did recently, it started off as a sort of self portrait but then I made it look prettier :)
A little painting of a flamingo I did when I was bored.

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  1. Love the half eaten strawberry! food is always so fun to draw