Monday, 15 October 2012

Drawings and gigs

I'm off college for the October break now, so plenty of time to get more drawing and painting done. I got a new phone, so I can now blog on the go, I might give it a try. Lately I've been doing a little drawing, going to cinema, gigs and stuff. I went to see Sound Over Silence and two other bands last Saturday at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow, it was a dress up EP launch night, lots of fun!

I went along to the exhibition at my local art centre on Saturday. It was interesting to see all the fantastic pieces that people had entered. I enjoyed getting different responses from my painting. One woman even said when she looked at it, it made her feel sad, but she liked it... I think some people didn't know what to say about it too. The experience has definitely inspired me to create more art that will shock, or get people thinking 'why has she painted that?'. I was really pleased to find out that someone had put a reserve on my painting, turns out it was the lovely girl who worked at the reception. It is a great feeling knowing that someone actually liked my work so much they bought it.

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