Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weekend in Amsterdam

I got back from Amsterdam on Monday. I had a great weekend, the city is just marvelous. I loved the buildings, the canals, coffee shops, patisseries, boutiques and just everything about the place really! There are trams and people cycle everywhere round the city center or get round by boat. We stayed in a really nice hotel on Overtoom and just walked everywhere. 

There are a lot of coffee shops in Amsterdam, we found a great place called Rookies, which had a seperate counter displaying all the types of weed and hash they sell. I opted for a pre-rolled grass joint, thats what I said to the girl anyway and thats what she gave me! The place was really relaxed with a good atmosphere really, what more can I say. Everyone was baked, including us after sitting in there for an hour.

We went to the Anne Frank museum quite early, before the que got so long. It was amazing walking through all the rooms that Anne Frank and her family and friends hid for so long during ww2.

The weather was lovely and sunny the entire weekend, I definitely want to go back.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sugar Skull Girl Pencil Drawings & Amsterdam!

Some drawings I have done recently with colour pencils. I have been looking at a lot of Sylvia Ji's art work lately which is incredible! I was trying to create the kind of alluring look she has in her paintings of girls and I stuck with the Mexican day of the dead theme.
I am really excited about going to Amsterdam tomorrow, I plan to do a blog post on my trip and I hope I can get some drawings done when I'm there! :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Drawings I've done lately

A few drawings I have done lately. Still enjoying the Mexican theme. I have a blank canvas sitting waiting to be painted but I do not have any ideas at the moment what to paint.